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If you are interested in purchasing an original drawing or painting, or purchasing archival, limited-edition print reproductions of original artwork, I would love to hear from you. I prefer email as a way to start the process and enjoy follow-up interactions on the phone (or in person, if possible).




Prices for original artworks vary tremendously depending on my personal attachment to a piece, how long it took to create and other personal factors. Most of my original pieces sell for between $200 and $5000.


Unless noted, all original artworks are constructed of professional-grade, archival quality art materials. I use primarily Arches and Strathmore papers, Rembrant pastels, Berol and Derwent pencils, Fredrix linens and stretchers and Gamblin oil paints.


(Original drawings and paintings vary considerably in price according to many personal factors. In contrast, limited edition, print reproductions of original artworks are priced solely according to size.)


Archival, Limited Edition Giclee Prints


All reproductions of a specific artwork are limited to editions of 150 prints. Limiting the supply increases potential future value.


Giclee Print Sizes and Costs


Prints can be scaled and reproduced at almost any size from 2” up to 120”.

The longest print width is 40” and longest print length is 120”.



8 × 10 print  $45

16 × 20 print  $125

24 × 30 print  $372

32 × 40 print  $650

40 × 60 print  $1250


Price does not include tax & shipping.

Please contact me for price quotes on specific sizes


Giclee Paper and Canvas


You can choose between three acid-free archival surfaces with different textures.


Paper: smooth – drawing paper texture (HP Matte Litho-Realistic paper)

Paper: medium – watercolor paper texture (Hahnemühle German Etching paper)

Canvas: rough – artist canvas texture (Breathing Color Chromata White canvas)


Giclee Print Reproduction Process


Giclee is pronounced “gee-clay” with a slight soft “j” sound before the “g”.


Giclee is the name given to the fine-art-quality reproduction of original artworks from digital files using inkjet printers that transfer archival inks onto acid-free surfaces. Giclee has been around since the 198Os and is used by galleries and museums worldwide.


The Giclee print process and equipment that I use reproduces full-color prints that have been lab tested (under accelerated exposure) and are expected to last 200 years or longer. As the technology advances, I will upgrade to even better equipment.


Currently I print with

HP Designjet Z3100 Printer

HP Vivera for brilliant, long-lasting color